Who We Are

Rooted in technology;

successful in application

Born in Cape Town with head office in Johannesburg and cloud locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Routed provides an integrated cloud platform, addressing all Enterprise cloud, recovery and modern application development requirements.


Routed has combined their intellectual capital to develop products that make Enterprise cloud viable. Routed’s self-service products are ideal for managed service providers and ISPs/Telcos who want full control of infrastructure that they can white-label, package and sell-on with their value-added service offerings.

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    The Routed cloud is supported by the following principles:

    Routed, Africa’s pioneer cloud platform, is your secure, robust and reliable cloud operator. Founded in 2016 and realising the need and growing demand for data centre hosting products, Routed were the first to not only provide a vendor neutral, open access and reliable cloud infrastructure platform to the South Africa market but also became the first VMware Cloud Verified partner in Africa.


    High security standards.

    Designed, built and managed to the highest standards giving you peace of mind that your critical data is safe.


    99.99% uptime guarantee.


    The highly redundant and fault tolerant platform design underpins our industry leading uptime guarantee

    Open Access

    Optional internet services.


    Partners can use their own breakout or any ISP prepared to cross connect for private connectivity or public internet breakout services.


    User manageable.


    Products are fully partner or end user manageable through slick, easy-to-use web UIs or APIs


    Best user experience.


    Enterprise grade hardware combined with best-in-class virtualisation management software guarantees maximum performance to give you the best experience.

    Vendor Neutral

    Consistent pricing.


    Channel focused business with a commitment to consistent pricing for all partners. We will never compete directly with you for business.

    The Routed Team

    The Routed team boasts over 45 years of cumulative experience in delivering and managing secure Cloud and Infrastructure products locally and internationally. The team includes: 

    Andrew Cruise

    Managing Director

    Andrew spent the majority of his working life in London where he co-founded and grew a successful boutique Managed IT Services company. Following its sale, he took senior positions in larger integrated Cloud and Managed IT Services businesses. Most recently, Andrew was responsible for the Cloud products and managing the Cloud division of a leading South African ISP.

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    Benjamin Coetzer



    Benjamin was always drawn towards technologies that connected and enabled people in new and innovative ways. After some years as the Cloud Architect of a leading South African ISP he teamed up with Andrew and Malcolm to build a secure and reliable hosting solution enabling partner success.


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    Cheslynne Britz

    Engagement Manager

    With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry, Cheslynne is a highly respected Relationship Manager and Marketing Professional. After completing her diploma in travel and tourism, she began working at an IT distributor in 1999 – eventually earning positions of ever-increasing seniority within three separate distributors until 2015. Since then, Cheslynne has proudly been part of Routed’s talented team, whose ambitious vision and strategic implementation continue to inspire her.

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    Nellis Botma

    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


    Joining an IT company out of high school; climbing from junior tech to co-owner within a few years. Searching for growth I joined a well-known hardware company’s IT department, with most of my experience in management and operations. I’ve always been fascinated by cloud and the tech behind it.


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    David Ramsay

    Principal Consultant


    David revels in the unusual, the unconventional; and thrives in deploying, managing and supporting complex architectures. He is skilled in virtualisation, storage, automation, databases and both windows and *nix based operating systems. David has been building and maintaining Clouds, both private and public, for over 15 years.


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    Vernon Naidoo

    Head of Networking
    Vernon has a 16-year pedigree in the industry, with a wealth of experience and insight and extensive knowledge in various networking platforms and vendor equipment. Vernon started his career at a reputable National ISP in 2006 on HelpDesk support and was swiftly promoted through the ranks to become manager of its networking team, before moving into a more niche market of licensed band equipment for a small company.

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    Jaco Wessels

    VMware Cloud Platform Architect

    In his 20th year as an IT engineer, Jaco joins Routed as a VMware Platform Architect, where he will 
    design and deploy new platforms as per VMware Cloud Foundation architecture. With a wealth of experience over two decades, Jaco has engineered from the ground up building valuable experience including virtualising IT service infrastructure, simple standalone nodes to multiple clustered nodes across multiple sites, extending into the operation technology SCADA systems, and ultimately providing bespoke platform solutions to customers. At Routed, Jaco is responsible for the development of Routed’s infrastructure stack, and for the deployment and operation of all its enterprise grade hardware. He is also the technology guru and shares the company’s unique obsession for uptime, security, performance, and service.

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