Built for uptime – all the time – Routed

Built for uptime – all the time

Built for uptime – all the time

For the last 78 months and counting, the Routed team has provided 100% uptime, with zero unscheduled or unplanned downtime, for our partners in the cloud.


As Africa’s pioneer VMware Cloud platform, our goal is to be always up, always available, and always performant​. For our channel partners, uptime is crucial, which is why we don’t see uptime as nice-to-have – but critical for business success.


Careful planning via DR

We built our cloud to be 100% up, providing our service providers and their enterprise customers with operational peace of mind.​ While our cloud is built to be stable, predictable, and above all, dependable, nothing is infallible. Even though we work tirelessly to keep the lights on, there are always external influences at play that could mean an environment needs to be recovered elsewhere. Enter careful planning and disaster recovery (DR): Having coherent DR plans in place are a non-negotiable, especially given the wide-ranging threats today’s businesses face on an ongoing basis.


The one-of-a-kind disaster that was Covid-19 and the ever-present reality of natural catastrophes has put into sharp focus many organisations’ lack of DR plans. Add to this the very real possibility of a ransomware attack, internal sabotage or employee error and it’s clear that DR plans should be seen as the technical part of business continuity (BC) planning and should never sit in isolation.


Adding value where it matters

As some focus moves away from what cloud infrastructure can provide, there’s more importance placed on value adds such as Platform as a Service, uptime guarantees, network interoperability, and competitive pricing.


We help our channel partners prosper and grow – safe in the knowledge that they have a solid and secure cloud infrastructure.​ Because we’re your home ground, we understand the challenges and opportunities better than anyone.


When it comes to managing your information systems, failing to plan really is planning to fail.

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