Empowering Resellers: The Routed Advantage

Empowering Resellers: The Routed Advantage

The ability to provide sustainable, resilient, and robust solutions is not just a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity. Resellers have found a valuable ally in Routed, a local company that holds the distinction of being the first in Africa to achieve VMware Cloud Verified status. Additionally, Routed has earned VMware Principal Partner status as a Cloud Provider and has developed an efficient channel that empowers its partners.


Why should resellers choose Routed? It all starts with a high level of resources and support that equals that of a Principal Partner. The beauty of reselling Routed is the simplicity and ease of layering additional services on top. These services not only complement what the internal IT department is already doing but also provide something more – unique value-adds that resellers can offer.


This ability to supplement services resonates well with end customers, creating a healthier, more sustainable cloud environment. With Routed, resellers can fluidly transition from selling perpetual licenses to offering cloud-based solutions. There’s no fear of losing out on potential VMware sales or hardware sales; instead, cloud-based offerings open up a whole host of opportunities for resellers.


The landscape of the cloud industry is changing, and Routed is at the forefront of it. However, it’s not a journey we’re undertaking alone. It’s a collective win when end-users reap the benefits, helping to foster an industry where everyone flourishes.


Partnerships play a critical role for resellers. Ultimately creating a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits. As a reseller, you gain access to a product line, technical expertise, training resources, and marketing collateral, making it easier to sell products. In return, your partner gets increased visibility and sales through your efforts.


At Routed, we understand the value of relationships and strive to create the most conducive environment for our resellers. By offering world-class solutions renowned by VMware and backed with a support system that meets expectations, we offer the tools for partners to confidently engage their end-customers.


Embracing Routed as a partner is not just about having an edge in the cloud industry; it’s about fostering a healthier, more sustainable cloud environment that benefits everyone involved – from the resellers and their partners to the end customers. At the end of the day, a stronger, more resilient cloud ecosystem is a shared victory.

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