Five reasons to choose one of Africa’s fastest-growing companies for a seamless cloud journey – Routed

Five reasons to choose one of Africa’s fastest-growing companies for a seamless cloud journey

Five reasons to choose one of Africa’s fastest-growing companies for a seamless cloud journey

Routed is incredibly proud to have earned a place in the Financial Times’ annual ranking of Africa’s 100 fastest-growing companies for 2023. Routed made it to the top half of the list in 31st place overall, which is no small feat. We are one of the continent’s fastest-growing companies for good reason. We have worked tirelessly to ensure we are one of the best cloud providers in the market. Here are just five reasons why channel partners trust Routed to enable a seamless cloud journey.


Personalised support

Choosing a local company like Routed means you get personalised, local support when you need it. Our team of local experts are well-equipped to deal with any issues promptly. We understand the local business environment and local organisations’ needs – a crucial factor that sets Routed apart from large, often faceless, international providers.



Routed is a VMware Cloud Verified provider and holds VMware Principal Partner status as a Cloud Provider. Routed is also the first local VMware DraaS certified partner in Africa providing seamless integration into VMware Cloud Director. We have a deep understanding of VMware products and services and can provide expert guidance to our partners. Our team of experts are among the best in the industry and is frequently invited to global conferences to share our knowledge and our winning cloud strategy. Routed also uses the same great software and hardware as international companies to guarantee the best results.


Reliable costs

Despite the depreciating rand and several increases from VMware, Routed has not upped its costs in seven years. Our partners rely on us to provide them with stable and predictable pricing. In addition, we offer flexible pricing plans so partners can choose a plan that meets their customer’s specific needs and budget.


Reliable network infrastructure

Because we have invested heavily in our network infrastructure, partners have access to a reliable and secure cloud environment, all the time. Our network of data centres throughout South Africa means partners have the option to select a location nearest to them. The robustness and redundancy of Routed’s network further enhances the reliability of our service, ensuring a consistently accessible cloud environment for customers, wherever they are.


Time savings

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using Routed’s cloud services is the time savings. Customers can quickly and easily deploy their applications and services in the cloud. Routed’s cloud platform is highly scalable so customers can easily scale their applications up or down as needed. With Routed, moving to a VMWare cloud environment is almost seamless which means organisations can focus on their core business while we take care of the rest.


Routed depends on partners who can manage the implementation of its solutions, some of the most complete VMware Cloud-based infrastructure deployments available locally. The opportunity exists for our partners who, with the right resources, knowledge and support from Routed and VMware, can confidently engage with their end-customers to provide the world-class solutions that VMware is renowned for.

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