Grow your VMware business with Routed

Grow your VMware business with Routed

Routed is delighted to report that VMware has broadened the authorised use of its Cloud Verified badge. Now, all Routed Channel Partners can benefit from Routed’s Cloud Verified status and be listed in the VMware partner directory. 


In 2019, Routed became the first company on the African continent to achieve VMware Cloud Verified status. Since then, this coveted badge of honour has only been bestowed on an elite group of highly skilled providers with the ability to operate at this high level of cloud certification. White label partners of Cloud Verified organisations, however, were not Verified – even if they were running on the same infrastructure. 


Now, these partners can also be Verified. Routed has been instrumental in motivating for and driving this change to the VMware Cloud provider programme. The Cloud Verified badge signals to customers that a cloud provider offers a service running on top of the complete VMware Cloud infrastructure, giving them access to the full set of VMware Cloud infrastructure capabilities. Being able to offer customers these benefits as a Verified partner is one of the best ways to assure growth for your VMWare business, and we’re thrilled that our Channel Partners now have this opportunity. 


Here are some of the benefits of being VMware Cloud Verified: 

    • Credibility and customer trust: VMware is a trusted name in the virtualisation and cloud computing industry. Being VMware Cloud Verified enhances a cloud provider’s trustworthiness.
    • Compatibility: Verified providers must pass rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure that their infrastructure is compatible with VMware technologies. This makes it easier for customers to migrate and run their VMware workloads in the cloud.
    • Marketing and growth: The VMware Cloud Verified badge can help a cloud services provider stand out in a competitive market. It can be a powerful marketing tool to attract customers who are looking for VMware-based cloud solutions, with Verified partners also receiving a listing on the Cloud Verified ( site.
    • Compliance and security: VMware Cloud Verified providers are expected to adhere to industry best practices and security standards, giving customers peace of mind regarding data protection and compliance.
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