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Hyperscalers are not bulletproof

Hyperscalers are not bulletproof

The hype around hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has dominated headlines with offers of seemingly limitless resources and advanced features. However, the truth is that hyperscalers are not a bulletproof solution, and in fact may not be the best fit for every business need.


Often companies choose an international hyperscaler on the strength of its brand, and then try to work out how to move their workloads onto it thereafter. This approach omits the first, vital step of interrogating why they want to move onto the cloud, and where their various workloads would be best situated. To achieve cloud success, it’s vital to exercise your choice effectively.


Enterprises should exercise some healthy scepticism about moving business-critical internal applications to nameless, faceless global organisations without telephone numbers for assistance and support, and with little transparency on data security and underlying hardware performance. Ultimately, businesses should be in a position to manage their cloud environment to be as lean as possible – this means carefully considering all risks before making the transition.


The reality is that every organisation’s requirements are different, and there is no magic cloud bullet that can meet every need. For those with more straightforward business needs, VMware Cloud would make more sense, while those focused on development will likely want to look at hyperscalers that offer bells and whistles. For others, the solution might be a combination. Some might even need to keep certain workloads on-premises due to regulatory requirements.


The initial shine around hyperscale cloud has also dimmed as enterprises scrutinise their mounting bills, which have grown significantly as their cloud needs have become more complicated and sprawled. Moreover, moving to a hyperscaler isn’t quick or error-free. Moving to VMware cloud on the other hand is extremely easy as a lift and shift operation.


We think it’s time to move beyond the allure of hyperscalers in favour of a more mature and pragmatic approach that’s tailored to business needs. The key to cloud success lies in strategically aligning workloads with the right cloud solutions for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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