The art and science of improving cloud infrastructure performance

The art and science of improving cloud infrastructure performance

Customers wishing to leverage the cloud should choose a provider that insists on regular hardware refreshes – as this boosts reliability, performance and sustainability.


The challenge facing customers who wish to utilise cloud infrastructure is that the service provider essentially abstracts and obscures the underlying hardware, via the virtualisation layer and through the user interfaces. What this means is that they can use less than cutting-edge hardware, without their customer knowing.


Of course, any service provider that chooses such an approach may be able to get away with delivering weaker performance, simply because the client doesn’t know better, but it will inevitably lead to a downward spiral.


This spiral is all but inevitable if providers end up keeping the same equipment, often even beyond the traditional five-year refresh period, leading to worsening performance for the customer. The issue is that the longer this happens, the more difficult it is to increase or even maintain prices, which in turn, means the service provider has less profits to reinvest in new infrastructure – thereby creating an ongoing negative feedback loop.


It is for the above reasons that Routed places constant hardware renewal as our top priority, ensuring that hardware is upgraded regularly, delivering top-tier performance and warranty coverage.


Newer hardware, naturally, also gives Routed a performance edge, enabling us to guarantee consistent high performance to our partner’s clients. Moreover, the company insists on prioritising redundancy, minimising downtime, and ensuring customer satisfaction through solid reliability.


Every piece of hardware found in our data centres is under warranty, and our servers – which are among the most important pieces of equipment, as this is where the computing power comes from – are regularly upgraded.


This is the difference between working with us and your clients persevering with in-house hardware. If they choose to refresh hardware on-premise, it may be new on day one, but after five years, it is…(you guessed it)…five years old. However, with our service, we can legitimately say that the hardware that is used on day one won’t be the same hardware next year, the year after, or three years later, as we are constantly investing in new equipment and cycling out the old.


And the benefits of regular refreshes go far beyond simply having access to the latest in hardware technology. Remember that when new equipment is implemented, customers have access to better warranties, improved performance, and better power usage, due to it offering better efficiencies. In addition, it will boost a customer’s sustainability credentials, because Routed’s hardware upgrades always contribute to a greener, more efficient cloud ecosystem.


Routed’s VMware Cloud Verified exhibits our adherence to industry-leading standards, which once again emphasises our commitment to excellence, and to delivering superior choice, with consistently high performance and reliability.

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