VMware all-star joins the Routed Team – Welcome Patrick Gachau

Welcome Patrick Gachau

VMware all-star joins the Routed Team – Welcome Patrick Gachau

Patrick Gachau is the latest member of Routed’s incredibly experienced team. Patrick is Kenyan by birth but a worldly individual by education and experience. Before his move to South Africa in 2018, Patrick was a systems engineer for several big-name vendors and partners in the USA for nearly a decade.


During this time, Patrick began honing his skills on the VMware suite of solutions, setting himself up as a leading name in the VMware space in South Africa. He will be integral to the implementation of our vendor solutions for our partners and customers managing VMWare Cloud infrastructure, including VCD, NSX, Tanzu, VCDA and vShpere.


When Routed began scouting for a new team, we asked a few key role players in the industry who the best candidate might be, and the feedback was unanimous, and we’re excited to welcome Patrick on board.


Patrick explains that he is equally excited to join a team that lives and breathes VMware and has invested so much in VMware products and solutions.


“The future for Routed’s partners is bright,” he says. “Cloud is on everyone’s lips; still, those that have migrated to Cloud is relatively low, which presents a great opportunity for us,” he adds.


“IT leadership teams throughout the continent are faced with whether to stay on-prem or move to Cloud and with that, we are there to help guide them towards the right approach, which strangely enough may not always be Cloud,” he explains. “The point is, Routed is known for its hands-on approach and intimate knowledge of how to maximise an organisation’s IT spend, and I am really excited to be a part of that.”


But it’s not all work and no play for Patrick; with a new year and new opportunities at Routed, he is looking forward to getting back to working out and enjoying the food and music festivals that will hopefully return soon.


Until then, he’s going to be glued to the Winter Olympics, keen to see who takes home the medals in the various snowboarding disciplines, a sport he loves so dearly from his years in the USA.


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