A Cloudy Journey

A Cloudy Journey

Here’s to a highly efficient cloud operating model that provides the scale and agility of public cloud with the security and performance of private cloud.


Welcome to our new and exciting phase as a Premier Tier VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) in the for Broadcom Advantage Partner Programme.


Routed is extremely honoured and proud to play such a significant role in the building of the best subscription-based private cloud platform for our partners. We share the Broadcom goal to accelerate innovation, enhance customer value, and optimise profitability and market opportunities within our ecosystem.


Routed’s role as a service provider to service providers will see us assisting Broadcom to take VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to a broad set of VMware’s corporate and commercial customers and deliver it as a managed service.


The new strategy, which Broadcom has redefined and relaunched, sees Routed running the VMware Cloud Foundation in our cloud. Service providers and their customers will benefit from a highly efficient cloud operating model that provides the scale and agility of public cloud with the security and performance of private cloud.


The delivery of a sovereign cloud service that supports data residency, high levels of compliance and other jurisdictional controls, will be guaranteed through a partnership with Routed as a VCSP.


For those not yet familiar with a VCSP, we are premier partners with highly developed VMware practices and a consistent track record of delivering customer satisfaction. Premier partners are most often regionally focused, with robust sales and service capabilities, competencies, and technical validations for servicing the managed services needs of customers in geographically specific regions. Routed is one of six such VCSPs in South Africa and is elated to be awarded with such an honour.


We have a proud eight-year history of enabling partners to white-label Routed’s VMware Cloud and utilise our VMware Cloud-as-a-service on their own hardware, and now with the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, white-label licensing and support have been added. Registered partners who have achieved the minimum requirements for the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program will work through Routed to access VCF cloud solutions for their existing and future customer base. Need a reminder why we are the best?  Here’s a recent blog outlining five ways to a seamless cloud journey with Routed.


Why choose Routed as your VCSP?

Moving forward, our passion, commitment and determination as a VCSP will assist to bring critical elements to our cloud ecosystem:


Consistency – All VCSP partners will deliver services based on the same VMware Cloud Foundation software customers deploy on-prem. No more different versions of VCF for different environments. This is crucial to helping customers achieve a true hybrid cloud experience. Delivering services based on the same consistent VMware Cloud Foundation stack enables partners to focus less on infrastructure and more on differentiating their managed services and specialisation.


One Simplified Business Model – All services offered by VCSPs will now be based on a per core subscription license. As a result, customers can expect the same consistent hybrid cloud experience from a solution standpoint, and partners will compete and differentiate based on the value-added services they bring to customers.


Opening Doors to existing VMware Cloud Foundation customers – With license portability for VMware Cloud Foundation to partner cloud environments, customers are able to move their VCF subscription between on-prem and VCSP environments (and vice versa) as their requirements evolve over time. This will enable partners to help customers interested in shifting from a self-managed to an outsourced managed services model.


Focus, Focus, Focus – Reducing the overall size of the VCSP program will ensure Broadcom has the right partners who are capable of delivering consistent VMware Cloud Foundation-based services to customers worldwide.  Locally, this is Routed!


White Label Model for VCSP Registered Tier Partners

Since 2016, Routed has been leading the way with white-label VMware Cloud services, offering reliability, performance, and security to the CSP channel. Recognising that not all existing VMware Cloud Providers will be able to meet the criteria of the new program, Broadcom has evolved the White Label model and a VCSP Pinnacle or Premier partner can deliver VMware Cloud Foundation entitlements to another VMware Cloud Service Provider in a non-branded manner. This will enables the secondary VCSP partner to brand and deliver the service to their customers on their pre-existing hardware.


Dedicated to building a cloud industry within the channel

Routed is committed to embracing change while staying true to our values as a vendor-neutral infrastructure provider. We take immense pride in supporting local channel businesses as South Africa’s premier cloud platform and are excited to embark on this new cloud journey with our partners and their customers. Be confident in the knowledge that Routed will be there every step of the way, helping build an industry where everyone thrives.



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